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I just posted “Explore the Julian Alps” to Exposure

Explore the Julian Alps by Tamas Soki on Exposure

Postojna Cave is a 24,120 m long karst cave system near Postojna, Slovenia. It is the second-longest cave system in the country and one of the biggest tourist site.

I just posted “Red Bull Air Race” to Exposure

Red Bull Air Race by Tamas Soki on Exposure

I just posted “Red Bull Air Race” to Exposure

Tamas Sóki on Behance

Tamás Sóki on Behance

I am an explorer, who is looking for new places, new topics, and new people, but not least new way to think. I often walk alone on my own way, trying to avoid a previously used path just because I strongly believe we need to experience, and every time I fail, I learn and I start again. I go further and further until I reach something new and unexpected. I always wanted to know the answer to “how?” and “why?”. Now I am trying to answer these questions with my pictures. I am a very curious…

I just posted “Chaos on Hungarian-Serbian border” to Exposure

Chaos on Hungarian-Serbian border by Tamas Soki on Exposure

After refugees tore down a razor-wire gate on the Serbian side of the Hungarian border crossing, and were pushing through to a second gate on the Hungarian side. Hungarian police officers moved against of migrants on Wednesday afternoon, attacking them with batons, water cannons and tear gas after they tried to surge through a border crossing that had been blocked for a second day. Twenty people were injured, including two children who had been thrown across the fence into Hungary, and taken…

I just posted “Neowise comet” to Exposure

Neowise comet by Tamas Soki on Exposure

I just posted “Neowise comet” to Exposure

I just posted “Leftover” to Exposure

Leftover by Tamas Soki on Exposure

I just posted “Leftover” to Exposure

I just posted “Rally of Mecsek” to Exposure

Rally of Mecsek by Tamas Soki on Exposure

I just posted “Rally of Mecsek” to Exposure

I just posted “Hot air balloon festival” to Exposure

Hot air balloon festival by Tamas Soki on Exposure

Őcsényi is a small village near Szekszárd in the southern part of Hungary. Every year dozens of pilots get together to fly their balloons for a week. The festival marks the 30th anniversary in this year, so I edit this gallery of the past 3 years of the hot air balloon rally.

I just posted “MIRAGE” to Exposure

MIRAGE by Tamas Soki on Exposure

This photographic series is about the Hungarian border fence which was constructed in the middle of the European migration crisis in 2015, with the aim to ensure border security by preventing immigrants from entering the country and the European Union illegally. The border barrier currently 523 km long on the Hungarian border with Serbia and Croatia. There are two different types of fences, one is a 3-4 meters high wired fence with barbed tape. The other version of the barrier contains two…

I just posted “Buso” to Exposure

Buso by Tamas Soki on Exposure

The carnival parade of people, called busos, dressed in similar costumes and frightening wooden masks, using various noisy wooden rattlers, begins traditionally on the seventh weekend before Easter to drive away winter, and is a revival of a legend, which says the ethnic Croats crossed the river Danube here to ambush the Osmanli Turkish troops, who escaped in panic seeing the terrifying figures during the Turkish occupation of Hungary.

Hungarian Border Fence

A story about the Hungarian Border Fence without any preconception and without politics

Birth of steel

Documentary of a steel factory

I just posted “The Maintenance of Waterways” to Exposure

The Maintenance of Waterways by Tamas Soki on Exposure

Hanko is the southernmost part of Finland and at the same time it is a small, friendly city. 10 minutes from the city center there is a huge harbour and at the really end of the harbour there is a small base for the maintenance workers.

The Zsolnay Festival of Light

Reportage about the Zsolnay Lightfestival

Issue about Sausak Cuveè 7 for Bortársaság

Create the images of the catalog about the Sauska Cuveè 7 wine for the hungarian winestore Bortársaság.

I just posted “World Endurance Championship” to Exposure

World Endurance Championship by Tamas Soki on Exposure

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