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Tamás Almádi

Tamás Almádi
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..”Core of Lurid Souls”..

Nothing in the visual arts complements Halloween like Dark Surrealism. A gallery exhibit featuring all manner of ghouls and gore helps us feel right at home this season. Last Rites Gallery in New York is the site for a thrilling and haunting displa

Body Horror Ideas

Colin Roberts: I don't think so dude.

Jessica Harrison

Victorian elegance and sophistication gets a dab of the macabre in Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison’s collectible ceramic ladies. Ok maybe not a dab of the macabre, more of a splash. The ceramic figures are part of Body


Shoggoth was a massive amoeba-like creature made out of iridescent black slime, with multiple eyes "floating" on the surface. They are described as "protoplasmic", lacking any default body shape and instead being able to form limbs and organs at will.