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a large round cake sitting on top of a yellow box covered in green sprinkles
Jersey coin hoard left by Celtic tribe in flight from Caesar army
a man is looking at some coins in the dirt
So, Reg, how did it feel to find £10m? One man and his mate spent 30 years searching a Jersey field for a hoard of silver. JANE FRYER hears how he finally struck lucky
Ancient Roman Jewelry, Emperor Augustus, Ancient Jewels, Leaves Falling, Roman Jewelry, Ancient Jewellery, Roman Gods, Roman Art
Oeuvre : Précisions - camée, "Buste d’Auguste" (Camée.233) | catalogue
Roman Empire, Croquis, Tumblr, Medusa Medallion, Gorgon Medusa, Byzantine Gold
Roman gold necklace with Medusa Medallion, AD 2nd century
Roman Deities, Intaglio Jewelry, Roman Artifacts, City Museum
some coins are sitting in the middle of a hole that is filled with dirt and mud
Hoard of Roman silver coins found buried in Welsh field