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Oh my. Do they really make men that look like THIS???? LOL

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"OH dang, he got his pants wet. lets help him with those! love a man who wears his chest hair .so sexy" <- lol i like that 'wears his chest hairs'

Lo vogliamo buttare via questo qui? Direi proprio di no (We want to throw away this guy? Definitely not)

Bears, bearded men, muscle men, hairy men, sporty men and anything else in between.

OMG…look at that amazing hairy chest!!!  HAIR HAIR EVERYWHERE! Beautiful man with scruff.

OMG…look at that amazing hairy chest! HAIR HAIR EVERYWHERE! Beautiful man with scruff. (That is not my comment but made this post funnier)


You may have nailed the bearded look but it is most definitely incomplete without the perfect beard style!

Edwar Tiger photographed by Mark VeintinueveMakup by Lydia Corral and beard products by Fellows Essential Gentleman - #vagabondco #vgc #instapic #picoftheday #extreme #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #tattooist #ink #inked #beard #bearded #hipster #grooming #lifestyle #wearyourskin #beardedbrothers

edwartiger: “EDWAR TIGER Photo: Mark Veintinueve Make Up: Lydia Corral Beard Products: fellowsessentialgentleman” ɱɣ бƚơġƶ: Hairopedia, Fuck the Clothes, Gaypedia & Spokerasies


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