Accarezzami, accarezzami ancora, come se fosse la prima volta.


A humble sanctuary for images that seduce my mind, my body and my heart. I love to observe, converse and seek out those powerful moments that reaffirm what a life well lived means to me.


The most exquisite black & White corset erotica for your viewing pleasure

An erotic guide for couples interested in cultivating sexual desire, passion and peak sexual experiences in their marriage or long-term relationship.

A simple and random collection of thoughts about life & love, wants & desires, and the direction.


The power of their embrace made only more powerful by the depth of their connection … sexual, spiritual and intellectual.


It has been said that “while sex is something, touch is everything.” Touching your partner is both a sensation and a form of communication. We cannot touch someone without sending a message at the same time.That is why touch is…

I spent all this time judging myself - what I want, who I am. Being afraid really. Instead of just accepting and loving. It takes a big heart to be open. A bigger one to receive.YESSSSSSS to this.

@ Those Damn Sexy Men. @ Just 2 Sexy Sinners

Our current obsession is Russian hunk Tim Arlovski in a ll wet portrait story showing the fit toned body that Tim possess, shot by Serge Lee.

Words cannot describe the love I feel for you. My life is divided into two phases: Before and After you my Little Princess.

Here you will find images of things that are beautiful, silly, erotic and just plain sexy. I rarely post my own photos, if I do, they are marked No the AV is not me.