Jungle Tribe: Skull Rocker Bag / "the blaster bag pocket flap combined with the moneypenny body splattered with spikes, skulls and some antique badassery". Perfect for those outdoor festivals when you don't want to keep up with a purse!

Heyk of Steampunk France.

Heyk of Steampunk France. And it's nice to see guys represented in the Steampunk world which sometimes seems to be full of just scantily-clad, busty young females.

Lance Oscarson - Spectacular Steampunk Sculptures Made of Cardboard - My Modern Metropolis

Spectacular Steampunk Sculptures Made of Cardboard

steampunk  Incredible! Would Have to wonder how much weight that feels like on a person.

Steampunk man - seems like a railroad worker or something from the gloves, although the guns make me think wild west outlaw - Photo by William Colgin

Goggles and helmet, biker style.

Motolady half helmet and goggles. Although I would wear a full face helmet