Men, my dear...

Brendon Urie, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Hiddleston, mostly.
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two men standing next to each other in front of a cityscape with the caption, someone pointed out that the reason seb chose this outfit to wear at the fireworks event
sebastian stan is our life
four different people are smiling for the camera
This is very true his smile can cure cancer
a man is adjusting his tie while wearing a black suit and white shirt with dark background
SherLocked, Khanberbatched, and Hiddlestoned
a man standing with his arms crossed and the caption says, i want to hear you gasp when something massive enters
Precursor Press
Tom Hiddleston, photographed by (I think) Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Precursor…
a man holding a microphone in his right hand and looking down at the ground while wearing a blue shirt
Addicted To Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles
a man in a black leather jacket leaning on the ground with his hand on his hip
sebastian stan gifs
damn it sebastian -- you romanian god
We're on a Ship. Pun Intended.
You want to click this gif. Trust me.
and obviously it's ironic so NO SERIOUS MINHO trying to win the battle of his life
Dear sweet jesus, Seb. Warn a gal.
a man in a suit smiling for the camera
that random hand tho
black and white photograph of a man in the kitchen
Sebastian Stan Photo: photoshoots
Sebastian Stan