Tasnádi Zsófi

Tasnádi Zsófi

Tasnádi Zsófi
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Celaena  - throne-of-glass Fan Art

I feel like this could be Celaena in the desert with the silent assassins

To Whatever End. Rowan and Aelin. Throne of Glass

Aelin and Rowan, Heir of Fire. This isnt really how i would visualise his tattoo, but i still love the deep affection they show for each other in this pic.

Celeana Sardothien is awesome. I love this book.

Whether by coin or by blood. A fantasy anthology featuring the deadly, the worldly, and the sneaky. Blackguards consists mainly of stories in established series, and the authors range

Throne of Glass - Aelin and Rowan - Sarah J. Maas

charliebowater: “ Fresh work in progress! This was part of my demo down at Industry Workshops this past weekend (which was so fun) and now that I’m home, I’m hoping to get this finished up soon.