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a painting of a woman watering flowers in a field
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four different landscapes with trees and mountains in the background, each showing different types of clouds
[红灯笼]2020年已成为过去,还有很多不足之... 来自CMH华- - 微博
[红灯笼]2020年已成为过去,还有很多不足之... 来自CMH华- - 微博
a man standing on top of a beach next to a giant blue wave in the ocean
The Wight Whale 蚀骨鲸
“It was a bleak and gloomy realm cleansed by the Animitta Rain. The sun was grounded, the light dimmed, and time stood still. The Wight Whale, which roamed the Dry Sea, had disappeared for millenniums. Together with it were the Creation Gods who created the Chaos.” 🐋 Story and artwork from artist Hua Lu