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a wooden head with a piece of glass in it's mouth
Lethbridge Gallery
LIGHT IN THE ABSENCE OF EYES ILLUMINATES NOTHING By John Morris Medium: Wood, projector lamp, paint, pencil Size: 39.5cm by 30cm by 7.5cm
three light bulbs are on the wall next to some pipes and faucet lights
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Grifos antiguos reciclados para lamparas
two black lights are on the brick wall
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a coffee table with gears on it in the middle of a living room floor area
39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables For A Transparent Living Room
39 Elegant Glass Coffee Tables for a Transparent Living Room
an old fashioned wooden stove with two gauges on it's side and three lights
Steampunk Industrial / Barn wood / Steam Gauge / Table / Hallway Sofa / Table #2076
Steampunk Industrial / Barn wood / Steam Gauge / Table / Hallway Sofa / Table #2076
an old time clock is sitting on top of a stand with pipes and lights around it
Steampunk Industrial Table, Lamp Stand, Console, Barn wood & Steam Gauge - #1733
Ready to Ship - Ships in 48 Business Hours Each lamp/table has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) Table number #1733 Antique industrial / steampunk sofa or hallway table Antique barnwood front with gauges and gears Barn wood back (front field) are old floor boards taken from a Minnesota USA barn, light coat to seal and protect Gears taken from old piece of farm machinery Chain from same machinery Antique 12" steam pressure gaug...