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the cover of i'm fine, but you appear to be sinking
BOMB Magazine | The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press…
a book with an image of a boy on top of an orange and the title, the emissory
After Disaster, Japan Seals Itself Off From the World in ‘The Emissary’ (Published 2018)
a book with an image of a woman laying on her stomach and the title bad behavior
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When You Have to Kill the Perfect Book Cover
a painting of a man holding a piece of meat with the words fight club written on it
the book cover for the wall by marken baushoper, with a cow standing on top of a hill
The Wall / Marlen Haushofer — Matt Dorfman
Matt Dorfman
the natural history of sexuality in early america by genta lafleurr
Project MUSE - The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America