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a young boy holding up a bead sculpture with googly eyes and an apple on it
fall craft tutorial: make a chestnut worm!
Worm van kastanjes
an owl figurine sitting on top of a yellow and white striped table cloth
chestnut owl Kastanien basteln Eule
some colorful umbrellas hanging from a window
Autumn DIY with chestnuts
a close up of a spider on a wooden surface
How to make a God's Eye Nature Weaving Craft - Red Ted Art
Spider webs out of conkers and sticks!
three little owls are sitting on a branch
Eine kleine Anleitung, wie man aus Kastanien süße Eulen basteln kann.
a painted rock with a sleeping girl on it
LillaJizo - Etsy España
Jizo Bodhisattva with a Lotus Flower, painted on a dried Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
two mushrooms made out of clay sitting on top of each other next to nuts and leaves
6 нови идеи от кестени, жълъди и пластилин
a necklace made out of nuts with the words how to make a chestnutnut worm
fall craft tutorial: make a chestnut worm!
fall craft tutorial: make a chestnut worm! There are tons of these littering the ground in our neighborhood, maybe Alice would like this.
many different pictures of food made to look like animals and birds in the form of people
Knutselen met het thema: Kastanjes en eikels
DIY Chestnut Animations. Knutselen met kastanjes
the beads are made to look like animals and have eyes on them, with pine cones in
Horse chestnuts, anyone?
Chestnut crafts (snake, hedgehog, spider...)