Great, interactive water feature. Pinned to Garden Design - Water Design by Darin Bradbury.

landscape-a-design: “ Project: water feature in the gardens Location: Terrsasson, France Designer: Kathryn Gustafson ”

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Week Public space should be designed so that it provokes people to stop and use that space. It should also be easily accessible by all people and age groups.

Love the soft edge on one side, and overhanging edge opposite. Is this what a natural water body would look like in a urban setting?

Ayşe Erkmen, Roman Mensing · On Water

Walking on Water at Skulptur Projekte Münster - Ayse Erkmen: On Water (Photo: Roman Mensing.

Volcano Pavillion and Water Gardens of S. Vicente   By GLOBAL Landscape Architecture

Volcano Pavillion and Water Gardens of S. Vicente by GLOBAL Landscape Architecture « Landscape Architecture Works

Beautiful, healthy ideas to deal with needed filtering of storm water runoff, a major source of river pollution -

Waterwise street makeover -- Curbside bioswales (rain garden ditches) capture rainwater and let it absorb slowly into the ground, and can still be lovely even when dry