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Top 10 DIY Recycled Art Projects

DIY with plastic bottles recycling. Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, why don't you make this.

How to Grow Cauliflower http://www.vegetable-garden-guide.com/how-to-grow-cauliflower.html

How To Grow Cauliflower

DIY Lettuce Rose Stamp

make a stamp from celery/lettuce stalk ends that looks like a rose

sello scrapbooking corcho botella pájaro corazón

Make your own cute stamps on wine corks {DIY} tutorial.


How to DIY heart envelope. Paper craft, card, invitation or scrapbooking ideas.

circle rubber stamp. hand carved stamp. hand by talktothesun

hand carved circle rubber stamp by talktothesun


Get the kids involved and make some DIY fruit and veggie print wrapping paper!

Handmade DIY vegetarian the Magical, creative infinite.  To Do not Try It?

Vegetable Print by duitang: celery or cabbage rose! And when you are done, wash off the celery base and plant it!

Belos trabalhos podemos fazer com as rolhas das garrafas de vinhos!

DIY Simple Cork Stamps Tutorials You will need: A bunch of corks. (Use the spongiest ones you have.) A sharpie, one thin and

. צבעים וחומרים בארט דיפו .. רעיונות יצירה חמודים עם ירקות   www.artdepot.co.il

I would actually love fabric with veggie patterns like these.