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Busó Celebration, Hungary - National Geographic Travel Daily Photo

A traditional part of the Busó celebration in Mohács, Hungary, is the busós, a frightening character clad in a wooly coat. The end-of-winter carnival, which came to the southern Hungary town with Croats, also features the burning of a coffin that symbolizes winter. Photograph by Zsolt Repasy, National Geographic Your Shot, October 20, 2014


Masked Devils, Buso Carnival in the Hungarian town of Mohács

"Busójárás" in Mohács, Hungary.

Busó Festivities in Mohács The Busó March and carnival in Mohács in southern Hungary is an old tradition. People put on fleece cloaks and wooden masks and start bonfires to chase away the winter. The tradition has nowadays spread into a large festival, for which visitors travel to Mohács from all over Hungary and nearby countries. Handcrafted souvenirs and traditional food and drink await tourists during the 6 days of the event.