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vintage everyday: Vintage USSR Auto Ads – 48 Interesting Advertisement Posters of Russian Automobiles from the and

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Alexander Anisenkov, Moskvich 40, Car of the USSR 50-60s

CARS Advertising Illustration - Car of the USSR by Alexander Anisenkov, via Behance Moskvich 40 /

Gaz -63 with cab of GAZ51 (wood with metalic wraping)

/ ([Corrected by Demetris Plastourgos Gaz with cab of (wood with metalic wraping) A Russian truck It was later used as the basis for the armored personnel carrier.

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AZLK(KIM, ZMA, MZMA) | 64 фотографии

AZLK(KIM, ZMA, MZMA) | 64 фотографии