Medici & Vacca Lions in pair

Zeus of Otricoli Bust Sculpture - Greek God of the Sky

Napoleon as Caesar Black & Gilt

Napoleon as Caesar Bust Sculpture in Black & Gilt

Napoleon as Caesar - A marble bust after Canova, with black basalt and antique gilt wreath.

Una and the Lion Statue (Small)

Marble Sculpture by Sculptured Arts Studio / Statues And Statuettes.

Mercury Statue

Autumn Statue

Roman Sculpture, Crystal Palace, Carrara Marble, Auguste Rodin, Ancient Greek, Rome, Renaissance, Statues, Effigy

Mozart Bust Sculpture

Diana Chasseresse Bust Sculpture

Roman Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Daughters, Sons, Vatican Rome, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greek, Roman Mythology, Archer

Diana Bust Sculpture - Goddess of Hunting

Diana, after Jean-Antoine Houdon. A bust of Diana, goddess of hunting and outdoor pursuits. Sculpted by Houdon, a French Neoclassical sculptor who was awarded the Prix de Rome in His Diana is housed in the Louvre, Paris.

Young Lady Bust Sculpture

Portrait marble bust, of a Young Lady, French school, century.

Veiled Lady Bust Sculpture (Veiled Maiden)

Marble Bust, Chatsworth House, Carrara Marble, Room Art, Wedding Veils, Sculpture Art, The Bride, Marbles, Diy Ideas

Harvest Bas-relief in Pair

Paulina Borghese as Venus Statue (Small)