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You must fall, in order to fly

In a movie I heard not long ago that doubt is part of faith. I think I have to agree with this. You see, after a terrifying „faithless” moment, you could believe so strongly once again, as never before. Withouth proof.

Ancient pain

I tried to identify this pain and sadness and match it with one of my everyday human problem, of what everyone has their shares, but I couldn’t match it. I checked my smallest and largest problems, but I couldn’t find the source. And then I stopped at the word, source. From that moment a little word pushed itself in my ears. Then it flooded my whole body. Finally it overwhelmed me and I successfully put this word together with what I was feeling.

The meaning of chaos

Sometimes the apocalypse seems to be winning, sometimes the miracle. However it raises a question in me. How much influence do we have over this right here and now in the present? Just how much in advance is this chaos decided? After all there is reason in all chaos and everything has a reason.

Are you sure that you are awake?

There is slavery ladies and gentlemen, it’s an open secret. The question is, for how long? In addition it also matters, if it will end because we destroy Earth and all the problems are solves, or at last we start to create and live the life which has meaning. I got tired of slavery and the pressure we live in for the little money we get for it. I rebel against it. How about you?

After December

It doesn’t matter where you are and where you’re heading, as long as you remember who you are. As long as you remember that as an eternal being you are made of love. Not only in December, but in every month. On every day of the year. From your birth until your death.

These are the ones you read the most in 2017

2017 was a turningpoint for me. Several times, from several angles. But perhaps, the most important change was that my own website could start in both Hungarian and English. And it’s thanks to you that it reaches out like this, that it grows like this. I’m grateful to you, which I will try to [...]

Secret message …

Anger is poison. Anger is a bad advisor. Being angrywith somebody is like holding on to a smouldering piece of iron, just to throw at the other. It only burns you. Even if the other person knows that the hot iron is ment for him/her, it won’t cause as big damage in him/her as it will cause in you.

Chasing happiness

I don’t live a luxurious life, my dream job barely makes any money, the love of my life makes me wait like no one ever before, even though I don’t expect a white horse, I don’t even care if he has a car or not. I wouldn’t mind if his pockets were empty, just let us love, respect and value each other in happiness.

Even if you hurt me, I thank you …

I believe that when someone can hurt us, doesn’t matter with what, that is one of the best things that can happen to us. Why?

The good, the bad and the judgement

However we have to be clear about the fact that a judgment is not just a negative critique. Any time we say someone is beautiful or ugly or old or young etc. we judge them, ladies and gentleman.

I saw you …

A moment later my subconscious radar wakes me up without a notice and the next moment it takes control of me and turns my eyes towards the sidewalk… To where you’re walking…

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Am I the one standing in the way of my own happiness?

But are we able to notice when we carry things too far? Do we recognize when we have no real obstacles in front of us, just the ones we created by ourselves? Do we notice that for a long time the only thing between us and our desires is nothing else than ourselves?

See the splinter in someone else’s eye … ?

I know a few people who believe most of the time that world revolves around them. Naturally in the middle of our own world we are the ones who should stand, but we can expect that others will put us ahead of themselves. When I meet people like this, I start to think, how many time do I expect the same?

Herb or weed?!

Because it means, it makes a difference the kind of seed you plant and the amount of energy you feed it. Let it be nice or unpleasant thought… if you planted the thought and you feed it, think about it again and again, and you even give it energy in form of emotions. As time passes that little seed will become a huge plant…

The last strike …

Gloominess. Weakness. Sudden mood swings. Depression. Masks. Grey face and look. Lack of will to live ...

When our own closet attacks us…

Naturally I have my own closet which is filled with “garbage”. For security I also have a rug, which I put on my closet. The more it’s hidden, the better.