Anikó Pámer
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The dress Annabelle was wearing when anonymous flowers arrived for Morgana in A Remedy to Cure All Ills

Simple medieval dress pattern by ~Sindeon on deviantART

Not technically period, but still could work for a more casual event like Pennsic or a renfaire - Simple medieval dress pattern by ~Sindeon on deviantART

Simple dress instructions. Halloween or cosplay maybe?

Super easy medieval or sorceress gown, witch gown from one piece of fabric. Probably gonna use this for the renaissance faire next year to save money

Transform socks into wrist warmers

Good idea to extend sleeves that are too short. Transform socks into wrist warmers. This is a simple, but very clever idea. If you can crochet and or knit, then there are lots of pretty edgings that you could use on these.