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Akatsuki - Naruto

akatsuki (naruto) black hair blonde hair blood blue hair blue skin dark skin deidara earrings everyone facial mark flower green hair grey hair hair flower hair ornament hidan highres hoshigaki kisame jewelry kakuzu konan labret piercing lip pi

"Can love go back through time and heal a broken heart?" ~unknown............. Naruto and Gaara are proof of that.

"Obstructing ourselves from understanding and trusting each other will only breed a world of fear. Running Lightening – Naruto: Shippūden

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YES I love how in the chunin exams all the senseis are all like "No, mah babies are gonna kill yo babies.

DISTURBED – Hydro, Glasgow, 10 January 2017

DISTURBED – Hydro, Glasgow, 10 January 2017