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 400 k. Renaissance Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Budapest, Art Premier, Ukraine, Iron Age, Animal Decor, Animal Fashion, Ancient Artifacts

Szk�ta aranyszarvas pajzsd�szek

Szkíta aranyszarvas Zöldhalompusztáról, vaskor Kr.e. 400 k. (Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum) (~MNM)

Kopjafák Hungarian Tattoo, She Sheds, Family Roots, Folk Music, The More You Know, Hungary, Budapest, Cool Pictures, Politics

Nagyon hasznos, érdekes tudnivalók a kopjafák iránt érdeklõdõknek! Csúcsdíszek, szimbólumok széles gyüjteménye.

Rengeteg kopjafa szimbólum, csúcsdísz leírás, érdekesség, hasznos tudnivaló minden kopjafa iránt érdeklõdõnek! Kopjafa faragás Budapesten.

End of the century BCE Shield emblem, Scythian, Northern Caucasus, Kostromskaia kurgan. x 19 cm. The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg. Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Art Antique, Antique Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Jewellery, Hermitage Museum, Ancient Jewelry, Ancient Civilizations

The Antlered Doe

Sometime a year or so ago I came across this website when searching for Hungarian paganism and one of their pages is about a magical stag that's been incorporated into Hungarian mythology. The stag artifacts and idea, for some reason, sparked an interest in me and I've been trying to dig up information on it…

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turul madár tetoválás jelentése

hátrafelé nyilazó magyar lovas - Google keresés

Magyar Mounted Archery, Attila The Hun, Standardbred Horse, Horse Armor, Leather Armor, Medieval Life, Folk Dance, Dark Ages, Ancient History

Sword sisters - Holy ****

I allways use a lance because i tend to get raped when fighting a bunch of kerghits. I ride a heavy charger so im slow :cry: I like the lance because i ride...

Magyar archer and his steed Mounted Archery, Early Middle Ages, Traditional Archery, Family Roots, Budapest, Martial Arts, Drake, Indiana, Horses

Budapest Bug

Living like the ancestors - “The valley of horses”, Kaposmero In “The Valley of Horses” near the village of Kaposmero the steppe culture of horsemen is under a revival, because of Master Lajos Kassai...

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Scythian - Hun - Hungarian truths. The Hungarians of the Ancient Language! GO TOO - Scythian Empire and Click to HOME PAGE! SUMER 3200 BCE Beginning of the Bronze Age: Height of the Sumerian civilization; development of numerous cultural and technological inventions (writing, the wheel). First Sumerian Empire extends from the Eastern Mediterranean to…

This is a discussion of all things military history and wargaming Medieval, Military Art, Military History, Military Costumes, Château Fort, Horse Gear, Dark Ages, Ancient History, Middle Ages

Tales from the Steppe - History of Nogais - MMU AAR

Hello and welcome. I'll be playing as Nogai Horde using Magna Mundi Ultimate mod, starting in 1441. Goal is to roleplay, hopefully achieve interesting...

Hungarian Kam(Shaman), his headress indicates he is a man/reindeer and there's a sun affixed also. Religion, Spiritual Healer, Witch Doctor, People Around The World, Spirit Animal, Headdress, Witchcraft, Mythology, Mystic

Mit jelképez a szarvas - csodaszarvas?

Mit jelképez a szarvas? "Minden este bánva bánják, Hogy e vadat mér’ kivánják, Mért is űzik egyre, nyomba, Tévelyítő bús vadonba. Mégis, mégis, ha reggel lett, A gímszarvast űzni kellett, Mint töviset szél játéka, Mint madarat az árnyéka. Száll a madár, száll az ének, Két fiáról szép Enéhnek; Zengő madár ágrul ágra, Zengő ének szájrul szájra." (Arany János - REGE A CSODASZARVASRÓL - részlet) Szkíta aranyszarvas pajzsdíszek - Zöldhalompuszta, Tápiószentmárton lelőhelyekről A csodaszarvas…

Attila the Hun Timeline - The "Scourge of God": 220 B. - 406 A., History of the Huns before Attila Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Attila The Hun, Golden Horde, Asian History, People Of The World, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Illustrations

Attila the Hun Timeline and History

A single-page timeline shows the significant events in the history of the Huns, with emphasis on the reign of Attila the Hun.

Huns, Scythians and Magyars – The Conquest of Hungary It was almost certainly in spring 895 that the main Magyar army under Árpád’s leadership crossed the Verecke Pass and descended to the Great. Hungary History, Family Roots, Folk Fashion, Headgear, Drake, Fairy Tales, Medieval, Princess Zelda, The Originals

Budapest Bug

Huns, Scythians and Magyars – The Conquest of Hungary It was almost certainly in spring 895 that the main Magyar army under Árpád’s leadership crossed the Verecke Pass and descended to the Great...

Hun horse archer and late Roman infantry. The Hunnic invasions of the eastern provinces, and of Gaul and Italy were devastating, involving captured and burned towns and Roman military defeats. Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Military Art, Military History, Attila The Hun, Roman Soldiers, Turkish Soldiers, Templer

" Arquero a caballo huno " siglo V d.C. ( Jégou )

En la imagen, este arquero de la caballería de Atila, da buena cuenta de un soldado romano.