Tibor Ferenc Kántor

Tibor Ferenc Kántor

Tibor Ferenc Kántor
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MCU Turkey – STM8S – STM Studio Kullanımı ve Harici Kesmeler

MCU Turkey – STM8S – STM Studio Kullanımı ve Harici Kesmeler

completely wired pack

Why buy an expensive electric bicycle lithium battery? You can build your own at home for much cheaper, plus customize it to your exact needs! All you need are a few tools and the desire to do it yourself!

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Multimeter Tutorial: How to Measure DC Voltage and Current

How to Measure Voltage and Current using Multimeter? Tutorial to learn measuring voltage and current using a multimeter.

Build a Burning Red Laser from an Old PC

Try to build a laser from a dead computer. Side effects include third degree burns, dead house cats, and angry room mates.

Burglar #AlarmCircuit Diagram #EEE #ECE

Tutorial on how to make diy burglar alarm circuit that can be used as intruder alarm/anti theft alarm in home.Learn to build your own burglar alarm circuit.

Automatic Universal Battery Charger Circuit for all types of Battery

The post explains a simple universal automatic battery charger circuit which can be used for charging all types of batteries regardless of the current