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small houses are placed on top of each other in the palm of someone's hand
a wooden frame with some small houses and trees on it, hanging from the wall
a person is holding several small white and red ceramic objects in their hands, with hearts painted on them
ceramic ornaments are arranged on a brown surface, including one bear and two other birds
Clay crafts
three ceramic ornaments hanging from a wooden branch on a wall with the words sobi written above them
mobile sobigraphie
some white clay cutouts with hot air balloons and clouds on them, all in different shapes
Clouds and hot air balloon ornaments
a hand holding a wooden wind chime on top of a white wall next to a stick
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polymer clay wall hanging
three wooden christmas trees hanging from twine strings on a white wall with black dots
Salt dough, twine, and Sharpies
a bunch of different colored flowers are on a white surface with pins attached to them
three small houses are lined up in front of a blue sky with clouds and water behind them
RESERVED for Vanessa Three Little Clay Houses and a Striped | Etsy
RESERVED for Vanessa Three little clay houses and a by rodica
a hand holding a wooden wind chime on top of a white wall next to a stick
Fine Little Day | Play & Crafts Since 2007 | Scandinavian home decor
Fun gift idea.
some paper bags with eyes and hearts on them are shown in the shape of an animal
Fotoalbum: Basteln für Valentinstag, erstellt von Schuhfreak auf
anything involving googley eyes & monsters is a hit in this house
white ceramic hearts with green heart on them are tied up against a wooden background and string
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Wedding favor Heart ceramic gift tags by BumblebeeHomebyBCH
small ceramic tags with words on them sitting in a drawer
instinct and grace
More clay tags
several different types of doughnuts and other items
DIY Donuts av lera - HUNGRY HEART
How to make a donut necklace out of polymer clay
a blue umbrella brooch with white polka dots hanging from it's lapel
Umbrella with raindrops by monpetitcoin on DeviantArt
:iconmonpetitcoin: Umbrella with raindropsby monpetitcoin Artisan Crafts / Jewelry / Pins & Brooches©2013-2014 monpetitcoin made out of p...
the process for making a necklace with buttons and beads is shown in several different ways
DIY Polymer Clay Circles Necklace Tutorial
someone is holding a small metal tag with the words i love you on it and a heart shaped keychain
Maak Magazine: KLEIEN TAGS
three airplanes are hanging on a stick in the shape of four stars and one is made out of paper
some very cute decorated cookies on a table with other items in the shape of animals
Cuteeeeeeee #kawaii #clay
a person wearing a bracelet with a flower on it
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