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Wave Tattoo on Ribcage
Thorisa lay there wondering when it will end, the pain and grief of war. Then it came to her; she must fight back to overcome the pain. Yes, that was what she will do. She will strike back at them where it hurts most...
'Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.'  quote by Josephine Hart   #skins uk #effy
Kaya Scodelario/ effy stonem. love this girl. she needs to be in more stuff! #skins
Nadja Auermann photographed by Richard Avedon for New York magazine ('In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort, 6 November 1995 issue).
Peter Pan tattoo
Sun is often regarded as a symbol of masculinity while the moon symbolizes femininity. If you’re a guy, this could signify the woman/women in your life. You could be the bare tree starting to grow leaves and growing. It just means you grow with their help.
Unfortunately nobody loves the darkness, how can you love someone if you can't handle their dark sides. nine
Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2081
No gentle lupine has ever sat down to type out a manual on werewolf etiquette. Good manners must be learned the hard way: by inadvertently pissing off stronger wolves. -@AuFleecer