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Spanische Windtorte

Equipment and preparation: you will need a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle, a piping bag filled with a large star nozzle, a clean small paintbrush, a sugar thermometer and a heatproof (to serving plate for this recipe.

BBC Food - Receptek - Passiógyümölcs és lime Charlotte Russe

Passion fruit and lime Charlotte russe

This oh-so-pretty pudding is wrapped in ladyfingers and contains layers of jelly and set custard decorated with fresh fruit. For this recipe you will need a deep, springform cake tin, 2 baking sheets, an electric whisk and a piping bag fitted wi

Mini kürtőskalács eperhabbal

Mini kürtőskalács eperhabbal

Nigella kókuszolajos csokitortája

Dark and Sumptuous Chocolate Cake

Dark and Sumptuous Chocolate Cake: This cake. It confounds me. It delights me. I never ever thought I would be in raptures about the joyfulness of a – yes – vegan chocolate cake - Nigella Lawson

Torta di cappuccino – egy irgalmatlanul finom kávés torta

Torta di cappuccino – egy irgalmatlanul finom kávés torta

40 + 1 ιδέες για καταπληκτικά σχέδια με ζύμες! -

Doesnt seem to be a link to a website, but the picture is a reasonable guide.