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The 11th Doctor

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away." [proverb] "apples are rubbish. i hate apples." ~ the doctor [doctor who]

The companion women who have broken my heart over the years....except martha. not such a huge fan

The companion women who have broken my heart over the years.except martha. not such a huge fan. And Donna because she came in immediatly after Rose when my heart was still broken.

From the Timelord's archive.. Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space. http://pinterest.com/timelordarchive/doctor-who-2/

Tick tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor. CALLING ALL WHOVIANS! Celebrate this new holiday by drawing tally marks on you arms! Band together to makes this a day no one will forget!


Photos - Doctor Who - Season 7 - Episode Promotional Photos - Episode - The Rings of Akhaten - Doctor Who - Episode - The Rings of Akhaten - Promotional Photos


My fiance's phone has the lightsaber sound assigned for my incoming texts. But his female bff (and groomsgirl) gets the TARDIS sound. Trying to not be jealous.) -- lightsaber sound for him, tardis sound for her - how have I not thought of this?

"Doctor Who"-Inspired Treats That Won’t Leave You Feeling Like A Slitheen

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