Timi πŸ¦„

Timi πŸ¦„

my words and my ideas are my property, and i'll keep and protect them as surely as i do my stable of unicorns πŸ¦„
Timi πŸ¦„
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Torebka ladybag z cienkim Ε‚aΕ„cuszkiem - New - Bershka Poland

Hungary, Bershka

T-shirt with side knots and floral embroidery - Flowers - Bershka Sweden


Wonderful aerial view of houses of Parliament, the Thames River, the London Eye. I ave only been to the airport in London. People who know me can't believe I haven't been there. High up on BUCKET LIST

a little sunshine feels good for this cute golden retriever puppy. Vitamin D is very good for dogs. Take your dog out and let soak in some sun!