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"This is when the magic hapens" designed by Fabio Onorato Design Dec. 2012 - Chifley Plaza - Sydney via Nafarrete Baker

Easter egg firefly bugs that really glow!

Awesome Easter Egg Bug craft to do with the kids! Great for a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt! You can also use a small glow stick for the light inside. Fire Flies that light up DIY Fireflies

5 Fun Toys you Can Make at Home - Petit & Small

5 Fun Toys you Can Make at Home Making a toy using items you have around the house is a great activity for a rainy day. Bolts, toilet paper rolls, old blocks or clothespins are valuable pieces to make.

DIY CYRK Carousel Table Lamp - Cute Kids

DIY Gift Idea Circus Lamp for Child Room Carousel Table Lamp Housware Lighting or Nursery Decor Rotating Lamp Carousel with Horses