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The old adage seems to be true for me, for you lately... "absence makes the heart grow fonder". It's mystifying

❤️💚💛 sometimes thats all I want And need. I want your Love. Your touch and your smell on me And I want your eyes to Look at me And my soul To Know that its loved by You.

couldn't have said this any better | we don't seize the day far too many times and the moment passes and we're left behind....

Another pinner said: OMG .I did not write this one but it is so True. I was his best friend for 5 yrs and he threw me away. :( (my sentiment exactly) this is the exactly same thing that happened to me😭

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If I had my life to live again, I'd find you sooner and ask if you like to start spending our lives together.Hundreds of times I was wandering how c`d evg was different if .and always had this countless scenarios w