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Titanilla Eideh

Titanilla Eideh
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always dream, always look ahead!

You are NEVER too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream ~ C. If you don't like your life, or certain things in it, then set new goals, make new dreams, and get to work on it!

love it

Handle every STRESS situation like a DOG. If you can't eat or play with it, Just pee on it and walk away. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

its starts from you, so believe what I know. you are amazing! After all I know you best and I see what you may not, so until you see it too, let me give you the words of encouragement you need

Courage lives at the heart of this journey. We cling to the familiar and sometimes it kills us. We got to step out of our habitual range of e-motion and make a leap of fate onto the growing edge of our soul. Faith in yourself is everything. "I am soul. I am vast. I have a right to fully honour my sacred purpose. I decide how far I go on this path. I am here for a reason, and I won't stop until I find it". ~ Jeff Brown

I love affirmations. Bring your mind, body and spirit to a good positive place every morning to start your day off right.