Tímea Hörnyéki

Tímea Hörnyéki

Tímea Hörnyéki
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Heart chakra tarot spread

I encourage you to do this tarot spread with yourself in mind. Ask how you can improve your self-love and how you can begin to forgive yourself. This will be an important step in your journey of clearing your heart chakra.

Start the week off right by grounding yourself, feeling secure and embracing your community - all by simply balancing your Root Chakra. Find more at www.emeraldlotus.ca

During a dream I got very clear message to start creating a tarot layout series focused on each one of the chakras.

solar plexus (1)

If you are lacking confidence, are scared to try something new, are feeling overly judgmental – your Solar Plexus may have an imbalance.