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a white board with writing on it in a school room next to two children sitting at a desk
This week in U.S. History...
Room 167: This week in U.S. History...
the instructions for making a paper crown
Roman soldier helmet.. Helmet of salvation :) 1. Cut out template shown with cardboad. 2. Fasten straps with brads 3. Staple strips of red paper along top strap 4. Optional-slit red strips in two and bend to make it look fuller DONE! 5. Let kids paint and decorate!!!
The Civil War Begins Interactive Notebook - YouTube Friends, Youtube, Music, Interactive Notebooks, Videos, War, World, Love
The Civil War Begins Interactive Notebook - YouTube
the map shows where north and south states are divided in red, white, and blue
Civil War Graphic Organizer
a paper plate that has some pictures on it
Museum Project
Museum Project
a poster with the names of many different states
In Thomas Jefferson's own words, Westward Expansion was the key to our nations health.
a group of children standing in front of desks with notebooks on top of them
Vocabulary Tennis
Vocab Tennis; this blog has AMAZING ideas for active learning. Love it!
a bunch of papers that have some writing on them with words and pictures in the middle
Teaching In The Fast Lane: My Statehood Notebook
Texas History! My Statehood Notebook
High School American History
a bulletin board with writing on it
Tackling Government
the {ART} of learning: Tackling Government