Jehovah Is My Strength

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two hands reaching out towards each other with the words jehoah my father, my god and friend
a quote with flowers on it that says, what jehovah knows about me is more important than what others think about me
What Jehovah Knows About Me Is More Important.
a quote that says dear jehovah help me to make decision according to your will and not my emotions
a heart shaped balloon with daisies in the grass and words written on it that say, my heart belongs to you
JW WALLPAPER ♡WELCOME FRIENDS♡ Feel free to download anything on any of my boards that you'd like♡
an older woman sitting under a tree next to the ocean with a message written on it
a card with the words, if jehovan is my boss, and i'm his employee
the words live everyday for jah on a purple background
Live Everyday for Jah!
a woman in a wheel chair with a child on the beach behind her and an image of
thank you, jehovan for not giving up on me with pink flowers in the foreground
Yes Jehovah. Though others may be quick to give up on me, I'm very grateful that you.the creator, haven't!
someone holding up a dandelion with the sun setting in the background and an inspirational quote about sleep