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Tőkés-Dunai Lilla
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BLW Baby Led Weaning What I Fed My Baby During the First Month

Baby Led Weaning or BLW is a little intimidating at first. This is what I fed my six month old during his first month of BLW

Best first foods, foods to avoid & BLW tips [INFOGRAPHIC: The Magic List of Baby-Led Weaning Foods]

Best first foods, foods to avoid & BLW tips, except the animal milk one - after 6 months it's fine to use animal milks in cooking, but not for a milk feed.

Allow your baby to experience a variety of textures & flavors of food with the Baby Led Weaning approach to starting solids. Read on to get started.

Have you decided to try the Baby Led Weaning approach to feeding your baby solids? Here are some starter foods to get you going! Suitable from

The best thing about this list of whole food finger foods is that are very easy to prepare and some require no preparation at all.

Most BLW first foods are fruits and vegetables which are low in iron. Here is a list of iron rich finger foods for babies 6 months+.