Tóth Margaréta

Tóth Margaréta

Tóth Margaréta
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Love this character he's so cute and crazy

Toukyou Kushu - Juuzou Suzuya Can't help but see what i believe is a roman numeral for 13 in his hair pins.

Chibi Uta . . . is . . . so . . . CUTE!!!

Uta-Tokyo Ghoul (He Looks So Adorable I Just Want To Squeeze His Guts Out ^_^) Reposting for the comment above.

Tokyo Ghoul gif

One of the only heart warming moments in Tokyo Ghoul. -uta, who makes the ghoul masks gives a cute bird mask to Hinami

Uta's so adorable omg

Uta's so adorable omg-the end scene of some tokyo ghoul episode I remember this end scene