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Tóth Melitta
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"We just finished SJ and are tied for 2nd!!" "Gooooooo Summer!!"

landofjules: “afterglovv: “landofjules: “nsphotographs: “ Lexus Arbuckle riding Castor in the 2013 NAJYRC Individual show jumping. ” Wait isn’t this the picture being used on some gofundme and he.

Haha, next time this happens to me, i will say this

Whwn i was in my early adulthood tgere was a pron star i resembled apparently. Even when i lived in nc ppl said it. Dont know who she is but i learned way too many ppl r not gettin laid to b watchin all that porn lol

4 Jumping Phases ~ HorseCollaborative

4 Jumping Phases ~ HorseCollaborative I also add the depart where the horse maintains rhythm and the rider maintains straightness away and begins to plan for next fence if doing a course.