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Tündi Kertész

Tündi Kertész
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Watercolor boat

Would love this as a smaller version, maybe on the outside of my palm/hand

White nails are often deemed as boring. Why paint your nails with a color that doesn’t have color? Some poeple would then think that white is such a color for the old people. It has no life nor fun to it. So why do we paint our nails white? There are so much more other

50 White Nail Art Ideas Even with the simple whit nail polish, you can actually see how stunning it would make you look like. But you can accentuate your nail art with a great pattern and a diamond stone.

False nails will make it easier for you to achieve the design and the shape that you are looking for. Here it’s a simple matte white nail with diamond for accent. But the main event is the transparent falsies with white stripes and diamonds.

Achieve a sophisticated and sensual look by adding a trend to a trend. Matte maroon nail polish works best on these elongated coffin nails. And then partner it off with a matte maroon and black ombre lips to complete the… Continue Reading →

Awww i remember this manga ... I just read it recently !!!!  You would soo want a boy to say this phrase towards you...

Awww i remember this manga . You would soo want a boy to say this phrase towards you. Devlin stating Atty is his alone afte they start dating.he'll hella blush after realizing what he just did