The Dorothy Benedict Hosta

wow, what a stunning plant {Dorothy Benedict Hosta} Hosta plants do well in shade or sun. They are impact plants and make a lovely showing. Edge your garden bed and they look even better.

The beauty of leaves...

The beauty of leaves.I love autumn colors. Leaves in water vibrant red

brown leaf

The soft shades of chestnut brown on a fern in woodland decay.

The soft shades of chestnut brown on a fern in woodland decay.

colorful cactus

there are really pretty but do not touch 'em! These purple prickly pear cacti are a nightmare!


leaves like this would make awesome texture


close up photography banana leaf

Fibonacci Spiral | Most Beautiful Pages

FERN - Mother Nature is incredibly beautiful. Just look at this fern. This is a Fibonacci spiral, or ratios if you've heard about them. The pattern is throughout nature.

golden green

“The leaf makes the rose beautiful and not the flower” ― Jelord Klinn Cabresos Photo: Waterdrops on rose-leaf

Stunning golden leaf

Fall maple leaf with morning dew - Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes

Cactus / Jason Varney

-BLEN: Cápsulas Herbales- from Latin Road Home project - © Jason Varney

Full Moon Maple

Calendar Contest Autumn Bokeh by snak on deviantART

This amazing plant picture is called a Fern Fiddlehead. Part of the development process of Ferns! Little bit of nature love for valentines day.

Pastel colours are used moreso for spring, but the leaves look quite old and therefore would have been taken in autumn


I chose this image because I think it has amazing texture. The texture of the leaf and the veins create an amazing image. The water droplets add to the texture and help create strong light and dark areas.

Alexandre Deschaumes

And as I'm looking at the color of the leaves in your hand.when the leaves come fallin' down.when the leaves come fallin' down.