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Green is the new black

10 ways to turn fake plants into spectacular home decor

February 11, 2020
Artificial plants and fake flowers might not be your first thought when it comes to home decorating, but did you know they’re a fool-proof way to elevate the look and feel of your home without going all out with expensive art or the inconvenience of painting? Adding color and pizzazz can be as simple as picking a new potted plant that you’ll never have to water.

Fantastic floral garland

Versatile and romantic, garland out of faux foliage and flowers can be used anywhere from wall decor to sprucing up a dinner table. There’s no one way to do it. Garland with artificial plants can be full and bountiful, composed of flowers and greenery that would be equally as attractive as a bouquet. They can also be approached with the mind of a minimalist, with each flower or vine standing out on its own, draped or free-hanging to provide more coverage. No matter which way you choose, sophisticated and elegant or free-spirited and fun, a garland can transform a space in the blink of an eye.

Trend-setting flower boards

Trendy and aesthetically-pleasing, flower boards can be spotted anywhere from weddings to dorm rooms to retail shops. They’re quick and easy to make with foam board and fake flowers, and are a fabulous option for wall art that goes beyond the average painting. With flower boards, you have total creative control over the flowers, colors, size, shape and more; making it a piece you can customize to fit your style rather than styling your space around the art.

Year-round wreaths

Often associated with the holiday season, wreaths can be as simple or intricate as you’d like them to be. They also don’t need to be flowers. Incorporate text to make it exceptionally original, from welcome signs to nameplates that you can have on display all year long.

Artificial arrangements

Flower bouquets are pretty, but they don’t last forever. If you’re someone who likes to use bouquets as centerpieces, special occasion or not, creating them with fake flowers might be your best option. Pick out a vase and put your flower arrangement skills to work for highly-customizable decor that will add floral flair to your living space.

Do it for the vine

Fake vines can be incorporated into garland or used on their own. They’re effective for covering unsightly cords, and pretty enough to put in a pot or basket as an evergreen house plant. Pair them with string lights for a fairytale backdrop or add flowers to it for a touch of romance. Is there a corner of a room that you believe needs some extra oomph? Vines can easily be draped into corners to liven it up. If you have paintings or frames that seem to be lacking, fake vines are an addition to consider, especially if looking to bring a sense of the outdoors to your home.

Living large

Though artificial house plants won’t have the same air-purifying benefits as the real thing, they make for beautiful home decor. Adding life and freshness to your living space doesn’t have to take too much thought. Research plants that you like, and see if it can be found in artificial form. That way, you’ll get the look you want without worrying too much about water and sunlight. All you’ll have to know is where in the room the plant would look best.

Shelve it

Smaller fake plants dress up shelves nicely if you need to fill space with color. From succulents, like cactus, to moss and ferns, these plants can be mixed in with books and collectibles or set atop the mantle. Artificial plants can even fill up shelves all on their own for a care-free home garden.

Hang it up

Hanging plants can bring boho chic to any room. The baskets are just as decorative as the plants themselves, available in macrame, wicker, wood and more. Ideal artificial plants for hanging include philodendron, begonias, Boston ferns and pothos. Indoors or outdoors, hanging artificial plants expands the range of home decorating by getting the ceiling involved, reducing the pressure of finding space on the floor or walls.

Artificial plants as wall art

Pressed flowers are always pretty, consider the abundance of possibilities when it comes to turning artificial plants into wall art. Frame giant leaves between glass (alone or with a paper background), create a shadow box containing flowers and moss, or make a panel of 3D floral art to showcase in your favorite room. Store-bought or DIY, a little patch of green might be the finishing touch you’re looking for.