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6 ways to add personality to your living room decor

February 15, 2020
Living room decor can seem easy on the surface. How hard can it be to get a couch, coffee table, chair, and an accent table or two? However, does that actually complete the look of the room? There’s more to fill in the living room than floor space and when you begin to incorporate all the little things that make a house feel like home, you’ll come to realize that the basic essentials are functional but could be a whole lot more. Decorate the walls, add variety to your tabletops and pillows to the soft surface of your couch and side chair. Consider decorating your coffee table with books and think about adding a plant to give life to the space. Living room decor can transform your home, and these ideas can help get you started.

1. If walls could talk...

Do you display a lot of pictures of your family and friends? Do you have a lot of artwork from small artists or limited edition pieces from well-known names? Maybe you have framed posters for your favorite films and musicians or abstract prints that you would at the store. What you choose to hang up on the walls in your home can speak volumes on your personality and what you value in life. What are your rooms saying about you?

2. Light it up with lamps

Sure, you can rely simply on overhead lighting, but lamps can add character to a room. Additionally, they create an ambiance that can’t be replicated with in-ceiling lighting. Arched floor lamps make for wonderful lights to read under, and you don’t have to go far away to switch it off. It’s easy to forget about shopping for floor lamps when the lights of a ceiling fan work just fine, but consider secondary lighting to truly set the scene.

3. Vases as decor

Vases are often associated with flowers, but you don’t have to keep flowers in them at all. Vases can also be purely decorative, especially if you find one or a few with interesting designs that you’d like to show off on a mantle or shelf. If you do want flowers in your vases and want to preserve the look you’ve curated, think about using fake flowers instead of real ones to create a forever bouquet. The flowers will never wilt, though they may require a dusting here and there.

4. Reflect on it

Mirrors are having a shining moment as a popular item to place in your living room. Floor mirrors are perfect to get a last minute look at yourself before heading out for the day. Shaped mirrors are conversation pieces that take your living room from nice to interesting. Mirrors can be square, round or even squiggled. They can make pretty mosaics or simply be there to function as a reflective surface. However you decide to utilize the mirrors in your living room, remember that they’re a great multipurpose piece that acts as fashion and function.

5. Add a touch of green

Plants make fantastic living room decor because they can take up as much or as little space as you wish. Additionally, if you have trouble taking care of plants, faux plants have come a long way over the years. You can find false versions of hard-to-care-for foliage, and use them to decorate your living as if they’re the real thing — except you never have to water them. As far as real plants go, there are benefits to having them at home such as mood improvement, improving focus and some even improve the air quality in the room.

6. Pillow talk

The great thing about pillows is they can be understated or bold, all depending on your personal aesthetic. Incorporating pillows into your living room decor doesn’t only mean the pillows that you keep on the couch. Floor cushions add seating to your living room, and are available in many styles and colors. Throw pillows can be quirky and fun or simple and chic. They can have phrases on them, be covered in faux fur or zany, color patterns and prints. If you’re looking for a method of adding personality to your living room, look no further than the pillows you keep in sight.