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three different poses of a woman with red hair
an image of a man in armor with horns on his head and two different poses
some kind of character that is wearing different outfits and hair colors, but with the same color
a drawing of a man with white hair and glasses holding his hand up in the air
a card with an image of a man with dreadlocks on his head and the words taurus above it
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
an illustration of a girl with green eyes and flowers on her head, in front of a
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
the card for capricorn is shown in black and white with horns on it
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
Credits to @Tarius.Draws Pisces
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
an avatar with blue hair is depicted in the card game pisces, which features a
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
the zodiac sign for aris on a red background
Credits to @Tarius.Draws
the card for sagit tarius
Credits to @Tarius.Draws