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Insuficiencia Cardiaca

Insuficiencia Cardiaca: Conceptos generales Se define como un síndrome clínico complejo debido a la incapacidad del corazón de bombear suficiente sangre oxigenada para cumplir los requerimientos metabólicos de los tejidos, o que solo puede hacerlo elevando las presiones de llenado. Esta disfunción puede deberse a diversas condiciones, en donde puede haber un llenado insuficiente, o una alteración de la contracción y del llenado. Diversos mecanismos compensadores (por regulación…

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Prevalence of Gluteus Medius Weakness with Nonspecific Low Back Pain Brent Brookbush Muscle Anatomy, Body Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Muscle Imbalance, Gluteus Medius, Back Pain Exercises, Scoliosis Exercises, Medical Anatomy, Physical Therapist

Prevalence of Gluteus Medius Weakness with Nonspecific Low Back Pain

This 2015 study by U.S. researchers demonstrates that chronic non-specific LBP was most strongly correlated with ipsilateral gluteus medius weakness and gluteal tenderness, and also correlated with ipsilateral erector and trochantric tenderness and greater strength of the contralateral tensor fascia latae.

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Tendinitis. The rotator cuff is where four groups of tendons form a cap a Shoulder Rehab, Shoulder Surgery, Shoulder Problem, Shoulder Anatomy, Rotator Cuff Exercises, Shoulder Injuries, Frozen Shoulder, Muscle Anatomy, Shoulder Workout

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

The rotator cuff is where four groups of tendons form a cap at the top of the humerus bone. This area can become inflamed due to loose joints, overuse or heavy lifting. There are a number of stretching and strength-building exercises that help heal tendinitis in this area. It is best to start slowly and gradually ...

Study 77 KINS Chapter 13 - Knee flashcards from Courtney W. Leg Anatomy, Human Body Anatomy, Human Anatomy And Physiology, Muscle Anatomy, Knee Exercises, Muscular System, Medical Anatomy, Medical Science, Anatomy Reference

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Lovely clear ROM pictures for all major joints. Human Body Anatomy, Yoga Anatomy, Nursing Assessment, Sports Therapy, Sports Medicine, Anatomy And Physiology, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Flexibility

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Flexibility and Joint Limitations

In this last session before we start putting faces on our characters, I'll be introducing flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to stretch a joint to the limit of its range of movement, aka "how...

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gross anatomy of skeletal muscle – Anatomy facts Skeletal Muscle Anatomy, Body Anatomy, Anatomy Study, Muscle Fitness, Fitness Diet, Muscle Structure, Gross Anatomy, Musculoskeletal System, Nursing

Some Truths About Stretching and Flexibility in Yoga

One of the key benefits and primary interests for people doing yoga is to increase flexibility and joint range of motion. I have compiled expert opinions on the physiology of stretching.

Anatomy Trains Edition Book and Posters package by Tom Myers. Learn myofascial meridians and the anatomy of connection with 8 posters for visual reference. What Is Fascia, Train Posters, Book Posters, Muscle Anatomy, Qi Gong, Muscle Body, Anatomy And Physiology, Human Anatomy, Workout Routines

Educational Materials to Teach and Learn the Fascial System

Anatomy Trains educational materials to teach and learn about the fascial system and tensegrity. Choose from books, posters, tensegrity models, and more.