Fall Trees

that artist woman: How to Paint Fall Trees Use watercolor in fall colors for the background. Let dry. Dip straw or brush into watery black paint and create the trunk. Use the straw to blow the branches of the tree.

A brilliant area and times tables game

Deputy Hopper on

Math: Area math game: Roll the dice and draw the area array on your own grid - first to fill it wins. Or 2 players choose a different coloured pen each, use one grid and the player who cannot complete the last array is the loser.

Hand draw vector doodle coloring page for adult. I love Autumn. An Umbrella…

Hand draw vector doodle coloring page for adult. An Umbrella and Leaves. Fashion Umbrella Style - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.

Autumn Border

See 9 Best Images of Printable Fall Border Clip Art. Autumn Leaf Border Clip Art Free Fall Borders Clip Art Autumn Leaf Border Clip Art Fall Leaf Border Clip Art Free Fall Leaves Page Border

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