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Imagine Hiccup having been taken as a baby too and having grown up with dragons . Dragon Boy by SlateDragon . I thought about doing a fanfiction about that.

Me and a friend watched the second film of the franchise and decided that it is severely underrated. "The voiceacting alone is worth all the awards!" Said she wished she had a Hiccup-version o...

Hiccup watching Toothless flying in The sky without him.How it is possible It's only Hiccup Toothless and not Hiccup AND Toothless If you see what i mean

I love the little touches, looks and reassurances they give each other

This is one of my favorite episodes and also one of my favorite Hiccstrid moments ❤❤❤❤ < Yeah! Apart from those Hiccstrid moments, I really like how Stormfly protects Astrid from danger. She pushed away Astrid from being harmed

Love this part of the movie :) I like love all of it...... but the sad part.....

Hiccups just like WHOOAA and Valka's laughing and Toothless is just like 'om nom nom nom fish nom'