Budapest / I promise, I will never grow up.
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So true.

One Direction and /// I'm not a one direction fan but this applies to my (not-so) inner Kpop fangirl side of me so yeah I'm pinning this because I do this too!

Angry Cat, Its A Girl, Twenty One Pilots, Holding Onto You, Drum Solo, Stressed Out, Cats Meowing, My Mom, Fails

And children who don't cry are new souls << That or they're happy to carry on.

Jennyyyyy~ If dreams were a memory from a past life then I would have been a murderer who liked to rip ppls arms off. Too many dreams have included me doing those.

do you ever get that feeling when you realized YOU have a voice that speaks, a mind that wills, a body that moves. do you ever forget that YOU alone can make choices that affect your existence, even in this infinite world of millions of other people. do you ever just stop and think about the fact that somehow, you exist and, even though you're a tiny speck in a million stars, you are still in control of that tiny speck as far as your own will allows. because i do, and it seriously freaks me…

becoming conscious of your living is the weirdest thing ever like does anyone ever feel like that < YES EVER SINCE IVE BEEN FIVE I THOUGHT I WAS THE OBKY ONE<<this is called an existential crisis everyone, i live in a constant state of existential crisis

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It will be interesting around here, 2 boys and a girl all within 5 years of each other, I wonder if any parents will have issues with ask the kids here :)>>why can't I just hang out with my friends that are boys without people assuming that I like them?