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I Am Obsessed With Drawing Super Detailed Art | Bored Panda

Oops I think I have an obsession with detail. I have always loved doodling, ask any of my teachers or class-mates and you would have found me drawing on my

In memory, but on my foot

“'I'm since you have been' blows me away with each single tattoo he does. LOOK AT HOW CLEAN! Take a look at his work…”. >> Find out even more by clicking the picture link

Piedras pintadas con acrílico, hoja de plata, hoja de oro. Súper sencillo, económico y chic.

Doesn't Every Princess Need a Gold Leaf Throne? Repurpose a Vase with a Gold Leaf Accent Pretty Gold Leaf Stones and Painted Rocks to Use as DÉCOR Make Serving Special with a DIY Gold Tray