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several different types of wooden buildings in black and white photographs, each with multiple windows
'Considering the Architecture of the Timber Frame Houses of the Siegen Industrial Region' | SCAD.edu
Bernd und Hilla Becher
three different types of wooden structures with diagrams on the front and back, side and top views
Просто Фахверк... | Экология, дизайн, ремесло... | Дома в немецком стиле, Фахверковых домов, Дизайн
Wish we could translate to English! In German "Fachwerk": - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/335870084692873260/?utm_content=bufferdd8f6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer
several people standing in front of an old brick building
Kuressaare Episcopal Castle
Kuressaare Castle also Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, (Estonian- Kuressaare piiskopilinnus), is a castle in Kuressaare on Saaremaa island, in western Estonia. 2019-12-06
an old bridge over a river with buildings on the sides and a stone building next to it
an aerial view of a castle like building surrounded by trees and greenery in the countryside
an image of a house made out of wood and metal with a helicopter on the roof
Postapokalipsis, warehouse provisions, Elena Frolova
an image of a small house with a red tractor in the door and some trash cans
ArtStation - Explore
an image of various types of buildings in the style of steampunks and houses
Art of "Defiance"
Danny Pak
an old castle is shown in the shape of a piece of paper that looks like it has been cut out
a drawing of a building made out of stone and wood with stairs leading up to the roof
Ruine Reischen I (Tur)
an image of a set of buildings with doors and windows on each side, including a gate
a drawing of a food cart with items on it
Watercolor Paintings of Imagined Trash Structures Packed With Advertising by Alvaro Naddeo — Colossal
Watercolor Paintings of Imagined Trash Structures Packed With Advertising by Alvaro Naddeo | Colossal
an old house is shown with different angles and textures, including the roof and windows
ArtStation - Explore
Houses For Abandoned Village, Pavel Pavaks on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/houses-for-abandoned-village
two drawings of an old wooden house
住宅兼店舗 Chinese Architecture, Construction Design, Japanese Building, Building Front
三階建ての古い日本のアパート Landscape And Urbanism, Perspective, 3d, Architecture Drawings, Japanese Architecture Drawings
a drawing of an old building with lots of windows and balconies on the roof
a group of small wooden houses with thatched roof tops on each one and an old clock tower at the top
Camelot, Maxim Dorokhov
ArtStation - Camelot, Maxim Dorokhov
an old building with wood and stone windows
an old building with wooden windows and chains hanging from it's sides
an old window with bars on the side of it
Tudor Wall Worn - Good Textures
an old house sitting on top of a stone wall next to a body of water
Artistic World Building with Form Language Studios
Form Language Studios
an image of a building made out of junk
BAR, Fin Downes
Game Art, Concept, Survival, Slg
Progression Sketch
a drawing of a house on stilts with stairs and ladders to the roof
habitable modules, Vasily Khazykov
ArtStation - habitable modules, Vasily Khazykov
a drawing of a house made out of wood and stone with plants in pots on the outside
Town House, Gabe Kralik
ArtStation - Town House, Gabe Kralik