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two shipping containers are shown with the doors open and one has a bed in it
Container Homes Design & Plans - Living in a Container
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a house made out of shipping containers on top of a grass covered field with stairs leading up to it
8 Things That Totally Annoy Container Home Enthusiasts - And What to Do Instead
Discover the top 8 frustrations of container home enthusiasts and practical solutions to overcome them.
Tiny House Illuminated by Clerestory Windows Timbercraft Tiny Homes, Big Couch, Gooseneck Tiny House, Tiny House Luxury, Convertible Couch, Diy Tiny House, Kitchen And Living Room, Clerestory Windows, Home Gallery
Tiny House Illuminated by Clerestory Windows
Topped with two skylights, the interior features an open-concept kitchen and living room, which makes entertaining guests incredibly easy. The living room is surrounded by big windows, with a built-in television shelf so you can cook while talking to the people in the living room and enjoying your favorite shows. It can fit a big couch and a coffee table but you can also place a convertible couch.
two pictures side by side one has a living room and the other has a kitchen
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a bedroom with a bed, couch and kitchen in it
Warme kleurencombinatie. Hout op de muur is ook nice ( Fab small flat).
a tiny house with a fire pit in the yard
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