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What's coming next? | healthy lifestyle
I'll admit, I don't always get the sleep I probably should. I don't have problems falling asleep. It just seems life gets busy, ya know? And all of sudden you look up and it's already 11:30pm! Anyone relate? But... sleep is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. That's why quality sleep is so important too. To me better quality sleep would mean better morning runs and better brain health. Answer in the comments: what would better quality sleep mean to you? #nontoxicliving #healthyliving #sleep
You might be missing out... | healthy skincare routine
This body bar is awesome! It is an essential part of any healthy skincare routine. It is gentle, non-toxic and nourishes your skin. And... as an added bonus it also helps cut down on waste from plastic bottles! Body Bar 1 Count: • Body Bar 3 Count: • or visit NOTE: Items purchased through these links help support Coach Jo and help her make more awesome videos and workouts! #skincare #healthyskincare #skincareroutine