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Daleks in London.

David Hardy artist - This image showing Westminster and the invaders was created for Dr Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth by Terrance Dicks.

Dalek Evolution 4) Dead Planet by on @deviantART

Centuries pass and the Dalek race expands beneath Skaro& ravaged surface. The Kaled Elite& fortified Bunker becomes the heart of a vast labyrinth of tunnels and metal caverns. In time, the Dalek .

Peter Cushing-DR.WHO AND THE DALEKS (1965)

Peter Cushing-DR.WHO AND THE DALEKS (1965)


Big Finish Audio has come to the rescue once again, giving Doctor Who fandom the Dalek that we have always deserved–one paneled in stained glass with a trident instead of a plunger.

Did You Know? 10 Surprising Car Facts.

Thought you knew your cars? There are a host of unknown car facts out there, so here are a list of 10 of the most.